Saravoné’s Code

This is the Code of Saravoné,
the Just One, the Scale-Bearer,
by whom all Law is upheld.

To live is to exist
to possess
to act.
All that lives shares this wellspring:
existence, property, will; a single threefold truth.
All crime transgresses against this truth;
by using another for one’s own ends.
Murder, theft, slaving; the three Darknesses.
All are the same.

One alone may stand alone;
the many depend on each other.
A branch, a city, a House, a land, a world
Stands upon myriad pledges.
The obligations of Tárvalén are sacred;
to violate them is to violate the will.

All that lives and thinks.
All that reasons and knows itself.
All possess these things.

An attack on one is an attack on all;
an attack on all is an attack on each.
To defend another is to defend yourself;
when all are defended, justice is done.

The Law is eternal, the person is not;
to live forever is not to exist in eternity.
To trade the eternal for the ephemeral
is to sacrifice a greater thing for a lesser.
This trade has no worth.

Therefore act with coldness of mind.
Hatred and vengeance;
love and clemency;
anger and destruction;
compassion and forgiveness;
these do not serve the Law.

Can you restore the dead to life?
Remake the shattered oath?
Restore ash to unburnt wholeness?

All things have their balance.
All obligations must be met.
All debts must be paid.
This is the rule of mélith.

This is the Code of Saravoné,
the Just One, the Scale-Bearer,
by whom all Law is upheld.

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