Doing Good By Doing Well

So few people appreciate estxíjir.

Tonight, for example, I had dinner with some local Telememe associates. The meal itself was merely ordinary, vatsteak and the usual trimmings, but the service, on the other hand, was exceptional.

Our waitress had truly mastered her art within the parameters of available perfection. Every interaction was tuned to a nicety, attentive but not intrusive. Our every requirement was supplied almost before we knew of it. Dish followed dish without delay or interruption, one long flow of elegance and precision.

That was estxíjir, for all that she couldn’t have been familiar with the concept; the true dedication to purpose even in the smallest things. Sadly, I don’t believe anyone else there troubled to notice.

(I left a 27 exval-note behind as a service-contract bonus. That, they noticed.)

– Sarané Telithos-ith-Telir, travel diary

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