Not a One-Man Show

Monotheism is quite simply insensible.

Specialization and division of labor.  These things are always competitive advantages.  Everyone who makes it out of the sub-literate hitting-things-with-rocks era invents them.  Hive minds produce purposive castes.  Seed AIs – or just plain extended AIs – multithread broadly, and write specialized routines.  Even singleton minds have enough different tasks to manage that they function as a collection of loosely unified cooperative agents.

And how much more complex is the plenum entire?  So even if you were one god in the first place, why under – or indeed in – heaven would you stay that way?

(In support of the inescapability of this argument, I would adduce the number of monotheisms that feel the need to provide their purportedly singular and totipotent deity with an arbitrarily large number of varied and specialized divine servants.)

– excerpted from a student essay on comparative theology

2 thoughts on “Not a One-Man Show

  1. Huh. Evidently, the Eldrae never had a Plotinus, Aquinas, Lao-Zi, or Epictetus in their philosophical history. Odd, since a combination “Prime Mover” and “Supreme Being” is pretty much bog-standard in philosophical systems developed by Pseudoeldrae archae.

    • Oh, there were advocates for monotheism. They just didn’t succeed in mainstreaming it, since theologians there didn’t think such ideas cohered very well with established reality.

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