Dr. Kajen’s Famous Nanosalts

The crystals fizzed as they dissolved, salt lattices slipping apart into their ionic components, releasing tiny pockets of oils, aromatic compounds, and CO2 trapped within them.

Nanomachines, too, came free from encapsulation within the crystals. Their triggering conditions met – the latent heat released by the crystal’s dissolution and the presence of water molecules around them – they sprang to life, cilia driving them outward, sensors sniffing for the distinctive chemical gradient of their target. Identifying it, they swam towards its solid surface, and nanoscopic ”brushes” sprang into action, scrubbing it free of even the smallest particles of foreign matter, while other chemical armatures dissolved contamination, smoothed away damaged areas, and extended cleansing probes into its pores.

Aravé Múranios-ith-Murann lay back in her bath, sipped her wine, and savored the tingling sensation as the day’s sweat and dirt effortlessly melted away.