Common Wisdom

Cogs and fire can labor; but only man may think.

– Admonitions, Ianthe Claves-ith-Claves Elinaeth

That which has no price has no value.

– Sayings of Covalan, v. 11.

A dream without action is empty; action without a dream is futile.

– commentaries on Cálíäh

Pride is oft expensive; but who would live cheaply?

– Empress Celina I, 2292-2595

A gift freely given ornaments a hall; but an obligation met digs its foundations.

– traditional proverb of Telírvess

The sword slays swiftly; but the bent knee kills forever.

– saying of the philosopher Arlannath

Many cherished ideas burn in the fire of truth, but all that does, should.

– Sung Iliastren, the Father of Science, in “On the Verification of Knowledge”

All peace rests upon cunning words, shared coins, and ready blades.

– Muravani Quelestrios, Minister of State and Outlands

Seek not answers from the gods; ask them only for the right questions.

– saying quoted from “Life of the Seeress Merriéle”

To be good, aspire to the person your friends conceive you to be; but to be great, aspire to the person your bandal conceives you to be.

– traditional proverb of Alatia and Cestia

Three things make a home: walls around it, fires to warm it, and food for all within.

– traditional, source unknown

Be bold, but backed up!

– now-proverbial original advertising slogan of Crystal Flame, ICC