“What do you people want from me?”

“Just the usual. That you should continue to be exceptional, live forever, join a transcendent hyperconsciousness, and evolve into a demigod – or at least the closest thing the physical universe has to offer – sometime in the next few millennia. You can make up the rest as you go along.”

“…why me?”

“That’s a little difficult… Look, let me put it this way. I’m a post-soph. I’ve been enhanced with a couple of millennia worth of bio-nano-info-sopho-technology to the point where there’s orders of magnitude difference between me, in cognition, coordination, memory and emotion, and an average baseline. We write software of greater-than-baseline-mind complexity. And so most of us have trouble relating to people who are, from our perspective, temperamental, slow-running, fuzzy-minded, blurry-souled near-automata.”

“So when I say that I find you interesting as a person, that’s a notable event. When our said transcendent hyperconsciousness, on the other hand – the weakly godlike superintelligence that is as many orders of magnitude above me – finds you interesting enough to recruit, that’s a genuine once-in-a-trillion-lifetimes miracle, albeit one that I don’t have a prayer of explaining. If you want more details, you’ll have to ask It. It’s all ineffable to me.”