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The Rogue State’s Guide To Imperial Diplomacy

diplomatic cruiser: an embassy with guns on it

diplonought: an embassy with continent-cracking guns on it

neutral: a place where you don’t shoot at the embassy, and it doesn’t shoot back

ally: a place where the upgunned embassy is probably on your side

client-state: a place where the upgunned embassy is definitely on your side

satrapy: a place where they don’t bother putting guns on the embassy

diplomatic immunity: a courtesy awarded by host nations to diplomats in return for the reciprocal courtesy

diplomatic impunity: “I have a dreadnought. Your argument is invalid.”

peace delegation: see diplonought

– printout found in a duplicator, Conclave Drift

Notable Replies

  1. Wait, what’s a dar-e’sevdra an uplift of again? I just noticed the mention of feathers

  2. Avatar for avatar avatar says:

    The dar-e’sevdra are equine uplifts.

  3. Pegasi, right? I remember a line from Friendship is Sufficiently Advanced about sevdra and wings when talking about Luna.

  4. Avatar for avatar avatar says:


    That’s part of the divergence between the canon 'verse and the Advancedverse, actually. In the latter, the Empire never uplifted the sevdra. In the former, the Mythologae Immanentization people went a little wild with their genome and made multiple varietals. :spacemagic:

  5. Gunboat diplomacy: To be woefully underprepared. For example, bringing a gunboat to the negotiating table when your opponent brings a diplonaught.

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