Money in Politics

AMERI/EÄVALLE – The sextennial auction to determine the new Aurarch of Eävalle concluded today, with the obligators of the Ministry of the Nations formally accepting the 1.33 trillion Eävalle méril (17.3 trillion esteyn) bid of Larquen Archés-ith-Aic for the position.  A plutarch, former CFO of Eävalle Estate Development, and a lifelong adherent of the Alliance for Balance, Citizen-Shareholder Archés-ith-Aic promises “a continuation of sound administration in accordance with the long-standing principles of Alphasian libertist governance”.

As is customary, the other five candidates bidding in the auction will be contributing the full sum of their losing bids, some 4.85 trillion méril (58.2 trillion esteyn) in total, to the Eävalle public treasury.

– from the Objective Eye newswire

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