Trope-a-Day: Cool Chair

Cool Chair: It’s a civilization built by and for technophiliacs with distinct mad science inclinations.  The non-cool chairs are in a distinct minority.

Including, yes, hovering chairs, mecha chairs, heavily armed hovering and mecha chairs, chairs that can control the surrounding environment if not in fact the starship they’re mounted in – or, indeed, operations of one kind or another across a decent chunk of the galaxy, and more than a few chairs whose semiotic and memetic load is sufficient as to be practically crystallizing the atmosphere.  (Yes, the Dragon Throne really does an excellent job of impressing the Over Nine Thousand!!!! importance of its occupants on whoever’s standing in front of it.  Which is perhaps a little unfair, given how really important it is to remember not to kneel.  Ever. [see: Pose of Supplication].)

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