Trope-a-Day: Cross Cultural Handshake

Cross-Cultural Handshake: While there are any number of othercultural handshakes, the standard Common Social Protocol greeting, based off an old Eldraeic one, is a simple brush of manipulator against manipulator (note: brush, don’t grip), which is something that just about every species can handle to some degree.

[A comment left on the original posting of this trope read:

“I shall take this to mean that a fistbump is considered an acceptable formal greeting in Eldraeic culture.”

Yes, it can be, if done gently.  But note that if executed with too much zeal, ‘twould be on the aggressive end of the scale, like those people in our culture who insist on turning a handshake into a wrist-wrestling contest.  After all, at least part of the reason for the standard protocol is that not every species shares the same compressive strength of flesh range, and what is a tap to us could be severe bruising to them.]