Translation Difficulties

In a correction to our previous correction on this issue, not only is the controversial slogan of Joy-Joy Bubbles, a synthdrink manufactured by the Happy Lips Belly Snuggles Corporation of Dzenicha (Wyst Reach) not “Joy-Joy Bubbles: Drink It Or We’ll Kill Your Children”, but it is also not: “Joy-Joy Bubbles: Consume To Prevent Still Births”. According to our most recent retranslation, the (much less controversial than formerly believed) slogan is, in fact, “Joy-Joy Bubbles: Imbibing Gives Your Spawn Vital Energy!”

In unrelated news, the Linguacoding Partnership of Inidu (Freeport Loop) has been removed from the Worlds’ Newsbyte Providers’ Association list of recommended linguistic corpus providers.

– CHANGELOG, Imperial Infoclast, 7240 Calenmot 4

Notable Replies

  1. infoclast — what a fascinating coinage….

    1. Is that a generic descriptor, or part of the title? I can’t tell if it’s the changelog of a publication or if CHANGELOG is the name of the publication.

    2. -clast refers to controlled breakdown and recycling in biology. Does an infoclast break down in terms of analysis? Or does it still investigate and “break down” false rumors? Being openly Imperial, it’s not going to “break down information” with deliberate falsehoods…

  2. It’s the changelog of a publication, the eponymous Imperial Infoclast:

    The closest the Empire has produced to a “tabloid” newssheet, the Infoclast slants its reporting specifically to cater to those people who enjoy snarking at positions the Imperial mainstream thinks are stupid and people they think deserve it.

    Not that they do that in every story, but that’s the general slant. The -clast is, yes, analysis - but also snark.

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