You Blow Up One Sun

“To propose taking apart, possibly explosively, a star by means of, or to use as, a weapon is to suggest a violation of Tier I, Chapter I, yes, and a serious war crime.  Call the chaps at Harmonious Serenity.

“To propose doing exactly the same thing for science, on the other hand, because you want to better understand how they work, and how you can redesign them to work better – well, that’s just Amphimis morning at MinSciTech.  Just… dissuade them gently.  Remind them that they almost certainly can’t get insurance cover for that, even if they can afford a personal star to try their proposed experiment out on.

“Unless it’s a really good proposal, of course.  In which case, tell them that insurance rates are a lot cheaper a hundred light-orbits or so into the Beyond.  Or better yet, in the halo.”

– Morrian Arden-ith-Ardenis, executor major, Ministry of Science and Technology

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