Amlia Larathyr-ith-Larathyr                          (net amalg. points: 22,384)


Very Reliable (+25 : Service Gate, ICC)
Complete 1,000 contracted jobs in sequence with highly positive recommendations from your counterparty.

Learn to Steer (x2) (-5 : Viëlle Skyway Association and Associated Rep-Nets)
10 people have given you a >1 drop while you were driving on manual.

Smokin’ Hot (+10 : Lechers of Iniscail and Associated Rep-Nets)
The Lechers of Iniscail appreciate you greatly.

Can’t Say Anything Nice (x4) (-10 : Metaconnectix, ICC, and DSP User-Rep Amalgam)
You’ve been banned from another memeweave?

Secret Achievement (+25)
You must be a member of this branch to view its private achievements.

It’s Cold Inside, Too (+10 : Stellar Express and Associated Rep-Nets)
50th interstellar voyage in cryostatic steerage class.

My Kind of World (+5 : Delphys Visitor’s Association)
Unlocked at: Delphys Interstellar Starport
First geosocial check-in on Delphys.

You Eat What You Are (+5 : Weird Freakin’ Achievements COG)
Unlocked at: Gianeth and Selves’
That’s five check-ins at an autophagy restaurant.  Guess you just love how you taste?

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