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I have noted with interest several papers published in recent issues of the Journal, and in the Journal of Cliodynamics, addressing the widely observed increasing correlation between intelligence/education level and attractiveness/desirability for sexual encounters and pair-bonding in many species which have recently joined the galactic community. See, for example, Relationship Structures and Educational Achievement: A Correlation (ni Finyet an Karím & Claves-ith-Lelad, JoTM, v. 1966); Rising Pan-Worlds Cultural Features of the 4th Millennium (Corel-ith-Coreliar, 0xAAD4692F & Emerald Flourish in E, Imperial Journal of Memetic Science, v. 2210); Sapiosexuality and Assortative Mating (Sev Mar Dinét, Sev Dal Rídan, & viSeruaz, JoC, v. 1265); A Study of Cross-Species Desirability Signifiers (Cullet ra Seddan, viHalruaz, & Toltes, JoTM, v. 1966); and Ain’t Science Sexy? (mor-Vivek & mor-Estaeum, JoTM, v. 1964).

While the majority of these papers merely note the existence of the correlation and refrain from speculation on its cause, I would like to note an obvious hypothesis: memeticists, whether theoretical or practical, tend to be among the high-intelligence and high-education demographics in their respective societies; and among many species, high-level education takes place in a part of the lifecycle that also holds the peak of sexual and pair-bonding activity.

In short, the correlation is a result of exposure of new societies to the mutated remnant memeplex produced by millions of past students’ half-baked unofficial projects in applied memetics, and the first cohorts of students from those societies spinning up such projects of their own.

While at the moment the chief support for this hypothesis is an informal poll of my departmental colleagues and our reminiscences of our student days, we are now actively seeking funding for a formal study of the phenomenon. Interested parties should contact us through the University.

Academician Cordáne Calaris-ith-Calir, Landing University, Viëlle

– letter to the Journal of Theoretical Memetics

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