By Their Works Shall They Be Known

“…of stone originally dating back to the ninth century pre-Imperial.

The Merchancy Library: A little bit off the beaten track in a lower niche of Inisvaen’s Wind District (B Coster Court), the Merchancy Library houses one of the finest collections of antique tally-strings and slice-verified contracts dating back to the late pre-Empire and early Imperial periods.

The library also houses a unique collection of books bound in leather tanned from eldrae skin. These date back to the burning of the original Merchancy Library in -43 by a raider band operating out of the nearby forest. Upon capturing these raiders, the then cisatar of Iniscail, Larjyn Calcelios, sentenced them to “replace, at least in part, what they had destroyed”. The fine sense of irony that characterizes the Calcelios is not, it would appear, of recent origin.

The Focative Tower: Surmounting the…”

– Sights and Sites of Southern Selenaria, Iniscail Tourist Press

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