Trope-a-Day: Everything’s Squishier With Cephalopods

Everything’s Squishier With Cephalopods: While also one of the more difficult candidates – because their biology is so weird – they were one of the primary candidates for uplift, because they’re already remarkably intelligent, they’re alien enough to have a really interesting point of view, and an underwater native species with such nimble manipulators would – and did, as it turned out – be really useful with the ongoing colonization of the oceans.

And, for that matter, space.  Modified octopodes adapt really well to a microgravity environment.

(Oh, and you know those little sub-brains for each tentacle?  They mean that the dar-culno, the uplifted octopodes, are one of the very few species in the Galaxy that can dual-wield – or rather, hextuple-wield firearms and hit six targets at once.  Don’t fuck with the Eight-Legged Legion, m’kay?)

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