The second stage of jump procedure using a Ring Dynamics stargate is obtaining a reference-frame trap, thus ensuring that you arrive in your destination system in the same sequence and association to the empire time frame that you were in when you left, thus preserving chronological consistency.

In urban myth and pulp fiction, this is the procedure that prevents you from wondering why the dinosaurs are warning you off their nice carboniferous planet when you were told to deliver a load of colony prefabs, or from having your extropy sucked out by the ice giants at the end of the universe who are so glad you turned up to feed ‘em high temperatures and ordered states.

In theory, this is the procedure careful adjustment of which permits you to indulge in predestination paradoxes, knight’s-move oracles, and other cunning manipulations of the informational content of your future light-cone.

In practice, this is the procedure that stops you from coming out the other end of the wormhole as a light-year long smear of exotic particles. The universe hates time travel, and is not shy about telling you this.

2 thoughts on “Jumps

  1. You mention that there are now autofac built gates towed into unexplored systems out in the Periphery. Do they come with an easily translated attached README and HOWTO? Otherwise one could see an accidentally gate-contacted civ that is in their mid or late space age learning or not-learning this the hard way.

    • The Mark III and up come with a set of uniglyphic instructions on what stargate communications protocol looks like, and how to build a blue box that can speak it at at least a basic level – to run jump diagnostics, parse the output, and do a straightforward jump with the give-me-a-newbie-freebie payment code – imprinted onto a big flat chunk of the hull plating.

      (This communication is the only mandatory function of the blue box; most of the work is actually done by the quai in the ‘gate. Fancier boxes are built to provide assorted bells and whistles, but they’re not strictly necessary.)

      It’s enough to get a new civ started, at least. Hopefully anyone smart enough to get a ship out to the ‘gate in the first place is also smart enough to experiment with unmanned probes first.

      …and, of course, using that newbie-freebie code sets off all the relevant alarms over at Kalcir Station saying “Guys, listen up, NEW CUSTOMERS OVER HERE.” So.

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