Trope-a-Day: Gendercide

Gendercide: Happened, incompletely (two-thirds of the female population killed), to the shan kari, when their learning robots generalized their anti-self-replication police-code to things that weren’t robots, and therefore concluded that it was necessary to wipe out the female of the species due to their built-in factories for making more of themselves.

Today, the Shan Kari Confederacy is known for its skewed sex ratio, its extensive use of forced-growth cloning, and its extreme hostility towards robotic technology and digital sophonts.

3 thoughts on “Trope-a-Day: Gendercide

  1. Why are they still skewed? A skewed sex ratio will correct itself if one generation, two if there is significant cultural lag (and suddenly skewing the sex ratio will break down ALL SORTS of cultural lag regarding mating and procreation.)

    • Missed this before, sorry.

      …I don’t want to reveal _all_ the details, in case I have use for them later, but essentially – because even the clone-descendants of the shan kari are _really_ screwed up psychologically where this whole “sex” thing is concerned.

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