P is for Planets

(It’s been a while since I’ve worked on this project, for one reason or another, starting with being somewhat blocked on Q. If you’re a relatively new reader who’s never seen the previous entries, therefore, I suggest clicking on the “picture dictionary” tag, at the bottom of the post, to see them all.)

P is for Planets,
Life’s havens in space.
They once were our cradle,
The home of each race.

Q is for Quanta,
The tiniest things!
Quarks and neutrinos,
Photons and strings!

R is for Robots
Which work all the day.
To keep our worlds running,
And failureĀ at bay.

(Yes, I know the physics limps a bit in the middle one. You try making rhyming couplets for posthuman three-year-olds…)