S is for Starport

(A belated continuation of the Picture Dictionary series.)

S is for Starport
Where great ships take flight.
They climb to the stars,
On pillars of light.

T is for Transcend
The home of the Powers.
No gods in the heavens,
And so we made ours.

U is for Uplifts
Potential made real.
With clearness of mind,
To think and to feel.

V is for Virtual
Dream-worlds brought forth.
From shadows we conjure
All things that have worth.

P is for Planets

(It’s been a while since I’ve worked on this project, for one reason or another, starting with being somewhat blocked on Q. If you’re a relatively new reader who’s never seen the previous entries, therefore, I suggest clicking on the “picture dictionary” tag, at the bottom of the post, to see them all.)

P is for Planets,
Life’s havens in space.
They once were our cradle,
The home of each race.

Q is for Quanta,
The tiniest things!
Quarks and neutrinos,
Photons and strings!

R is for Robots
Which work all the day.
To keep our worlds running,
And failure at bay.

(Yes, I know the physics limps a bit in the middle one. You try making rhyming couplets for posthuman three-year-olds…)

J is for Junklight

J is for Junklight,
the glow in the sky.
Thousands of stations
shine as they pass by.

K is for Kinesis,
to move with the will.
A thought made a deed
while the body is still.

L is for Lighthugger
the fastest of ships.
For beyond the Worlds’ edge,
the longest of trips!

G is for Galaxy

G is for Galaxy
a whirlpool of stars.
A trillion new worlds
to shape and make ours.

H is for Habitats
our islands in space.
Skyfarms and cities
each orbits in place.

I is for Immortagens
life without end;
captured in a bottle
to give to our friends.

D is for Digisapience

D is for Digisapience
a thinking machine.
A mind forged from metal
with light-woven dreams.

E is for Exoself
your thoughts in the air.
Working your will
even while you’re not there.

F is for Forking
making many from one.
On days when we’re busy
it helps get things done.

A is for Antimatter

A is for Antimatter,
the Sun in a Jar.
It powers the ships
that carry us far.

B is for Bactry
where little makers live.
All the world’s built
on the feedstock they give.

C is for Cornucopia
the Creation Machine.
Assembling atoms to plan
making real every dream…