No Wolves, No Sheep

“We believe that for a specialized organ to arrogate to themselves the responsibility and sole right to provide other people’s safety as a matter of course is merely another form of mutually regressive servitude. The enforced helplessness of the protected invites ignorance, vulnerability, and oppression; the hubris of the would-be protector renders it an accessory to victimization, if not an oppressor in its own right. As long as there are bancrach and nekhalyef there will be tyranny; all should be as the bandal, and defend their pack as their own.”

“Thus, the Watch Constabulary is not a monopolistic safety provider; it is merely a group of citizen-shareholders paid to give their full-time attention to that which is the proper right, responsibility, and duty of the citizen-shareholdership both as individual sophonts and as a whole.”

– Tanith Liuvis, founder of the Watch Constabulary