Tropes-a-Day: Named Weapons / I Call It Vera

Named Weapons: Inevitably, since mechanimism is such a pervasive memeplex, where all the custom-designed and customized, personalized, prototype, historically significant, or merely used-by-one-person-in-a-tight-spot-or-for-a-long-time weapons are concerned. Even leaving aside the ones which are run by animating intelligences, who of course have names by virtue of being animating intelligences.

Granted, while many of those are indeed adequately elegant, mythic, threatening, or at least as adequately styled by their crafters as, say, the Engine of Empyrean Enlightenment, many are also codenames (say, CALYX HOLLOW or FATEFUL LIGHTNING) or merely evolved forms of…

I Call It Vera: Mechanimism ensures that this gets played straight, too, especially for anything as inherently personal as a chap’s weapons. And, y’know, if they later become historically or mythopoetically significant, it’s not like you can go around changing its name retroactively. Bad form, that would be.

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    • It’s a self-replicating nanoweapon that waits around in a planet’s upper atmosphere, powered by cosmic radiation, until it reaches critical mass; then, having done that, it destabilizes the electromagnetic balance, causing what amounts to a planet-wide major geomagnetic storm – the kind that’s big enough to fry every electronic and electrical system on the planet that isn’t extremely heavily shielded against exactly this sort of thing. Instant stone age, just add permissive action link.

      The concurrent, intense, planet-wide lightning strikes are just a side-effect.

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