Will Not Take No For An Answer

Some people have an issue or two with science, because it keeps saying no to all their fond notions. Geocentrism? Turns out that not only is your world not the center of the universe, but it’s an insignificant speck in the middle of undreamt vastnesses and eternities. Souls, destinies, the vital field? Nothing but interacting matter and energy. And for those of us who grew up with heads full of myths and legends, no airthia, no phoenixes, no xoxixa, no basilisks…

While an object of great resentment in many civilizations, those more sensible do overcome their disappointment with a decent respect for truth and appreciation for the many vistas of wonder it opens up in due turn.

But these are not the only two reactions possible. On Resplendent Exponential Vector, for example, it inspired Aurel Minaxianos, Professor of Less-than-perfectly-Sane Creative Biology, to attempt to miniaturize an alchemic furnace to the point that it could be conveniently fitted into an eyeball.

Fortunately, he wasn’t able to achieve actual carbon-silicon transmutation, but a half-ton lizard that can give you terminal neutron poisoning with a glare is a big enough problem.

Especially when you lose the damn lizard…

– Hunting Journal, Calis Sinyé