Interlude: Collateral History

“There was war on Ekr!at, long ago and in our third-queen’s day.

“There was war on Ekr!at, as the hive-nests of the lowlander cities sent armies forth to clash once more with those of the mountain kingdoms over possession of their fertile foothills.

“There was war on Ekr!at, as strange lights shone brighter than the stars in the sky, cutting new patterns across the heavens; while the royal astrologers declared omens of victory for the Mountain Line, and the drone-priests of the lowlands foretold the gods coming to their hives’ aid and sacrificed grubs to them in welcome.

“There was war on Ekr!at, as lowlander bronze met mountain iron, sword clove chitin, and ichor pooled in the night, under the glow of these newer stars.

“There was war on Ekr!at, as the gods reached down to the earth with their fire, the armies were no more, bronze and iron, chitin and ichor, and the land itself shattered at their touch.

“Now there is no more war on Ekr!at.”

– inscription translated from a monument studied by Grand Survey sophontologists,
from the protected planet Ekritat (Uulder Shore)
inscribed roughly 150 years after the Ekritat Skirmish, Third Border War