2012 Conlang Card Exchange

This year I’m planning to take part in the 2012 Conlang Card Exchange, in which participants from the conlang and conculture mailing lists I subscribe to exchange:

“a card-sized, mailed, ordinary or concultural, written-in-a-conlang item such as:

  • a this-cultural greeting card in the conlang
  • a this-world postcard in the conlang
  • a postcard of a concultural location (in the conlang… take this as read for the remainder of the entries)
  • a greeting card for a concultural holiday
  • a concultural card-like, written artifact that may or may not be related to a holiday, which may or may not be occurring this December or associated with solstices or anything at all
  • something that the participant feels fits the spirit of the above, is written in their conlang, and can be mailed like an ordinary card”

But since I’m feeling all generous-like this month, what with recent events in the world of books, I thought I’d throw this offer open to my blog readers, too.  Fancy getting some pretty far-wandering conmail from some conpeople?  Let me know in the comments, and I’ll get in touch and tell you where to send your mailing address.

3 thoughts on “2012 Conlang Card Exchange

  1. I thought about participating in this, because I actually drew cards utilizing my conculture and my conlang to send to friends for their birthdays and for solstice a few years back, so I could have adapted one of those. However, I’ve decided against it for two reasons. I’m bogged down right now, and besides, I absolutely loathe sending Christmas cards. I only send a few, but it’s like pulling teeth to get them done, and I thought, I don’t want to have to add another 10 or so cards to that, especially ones where I have to print the cards (I think I’m running out of colored ink) and find envelopes that fit, etc. But I might – and I emphasize “might” – post a greeting on my conlang blog as Christmas approaches. Not promising.


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