Heavy Cavalry: Size

Just occurs to me, I wrote all that and never once mentioned a size.

Well, the base platform is about 16.5 m (54 ft) long, 4.8 m (about 16 ft) wide, and 3.6 m (about 12 ft) high. For reference, that’s about twice as long as an M1 Abrams and a third again as wide, comparable in length to a short semi-truck. (Not exactly intended for fighting in cramped urban conditions, but then, that’s why the drive train is built with pleasing indifference to the direction you might ask it to drive in.) 8 m of the length and 3.5 m of the width at the front is the module socket; height of modules varies, but none take it much above the basic 3.6 m height.

Fortunately, it doesn’t actually weigh all that much more than the Abrams, thanks to extensive use of newfangled lightweight composites.

So now you know.