Trope-a-Day: People’s Republic of Tyranny

People’s Republic of Tyranny: Mostly averted, if only because the Associated Worlds, unlike Earth, has no consensus that democracy is the awesomest, shiniest form of government ever, and so there’s no particular urge to genuflect in its direction by way of obfuscating your actual government type.

(There is the People’s State of Bantral, but you’ll note that it doesn’t claim any kind of democratic/republican credentials.  It is a brutal oligarchic tyranny, but the only justification it feels the need to make is that it’s acting in the name of the People – not that the people get a say, necessarily.  Others – say, the Equality Concord and Hope Hegemony – go similarly, but more honest and less self-conscious brutal tyrannies like, say, the Gazkas Autocracy don’t bother with even that fig leaf.)

3 thoughts on “Trope-a-Day: People’s Republic of Tyranny

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  2. I kinda look forward to seeing what kind of hellhole a government named “Hope Hegemony” puts together.

    Are the Equalists expansionistic at all? And are the Equalists all one species, or were they a bunch of liberatists who decided to try a… different… approach from the Eldrae at engineering in their ethics?

    • Slightly, but they aren’t militarist – like the Empire, they prefer to expand by recruitment, so they only grow very slowly, given the, um, limited number of volunteers.

      As for their origins, they are polyspecific – but they’re an attempt to implement Real True Communism. It’s not even hard to argue that they’re a genuine, successful implementation of Real True Communism. No dictators, and hell, not even any apparat. Everyone really _is_ equal, and works selflessly for the common good. They’re even happy, content, and prosperous.

      …pay no attention to the massively-meshed neural conditioning and real-time thought management infrastructure behind the curtain.

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