One thought on “Trope-a-Day: Not Wearing Tights

  1. Hear, hear!

    The close-fitting body suit should be functional, and part of your combat gear. It might work fine as daily wear, but it’s an undergarment for serious combat gear (see Halo, esp. later visual iterations of the Mjolnir suit, Infinity, and any number of more technical anime sources).

    A fine cloak, however, is superbly functional (again, I would refer the reader to Infinity, and the Hunter’s litany of uses for the cloak, other than camouflage – bedroll, sling, stretcher, towel, hull patch, etc. – not just as a dashing fashion choice (which I will insist is a perfectly valid function)).

    Now, the combination of a cloak and a close-fitting body suit…please excuse me, the mammalian/primate instincts are kicking in, and I must go find my wife…

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