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A proposal to make use of moiric-temporal mechanics for engineering functions. It is known (p>6σ) that, per the Chronological Consistency Protection Theorem, the probability of any event-chain violating known causality will be forced to zero via the destructive interference of quantum wavefunctions. In accordance with the worldline-pruning theories of Oricalcios, Steamweaver, <Cerulean Glissando in D Major>, et alii, the proposed device makes use of acausal logic techniques coupled with synthetic closed timelike curves to trim regions of the downstream probability phase-space leading to undesired results, thus elevating the probability of desired results. This enables manufacturing processes of extremely low yield or dependent upon quantum events of otherwise negligible probability to be successfully operationalized.

Granted, this isn’t my specialty, but isn’t this same process almost guaranteed to also magnify the probability of the most bizarre, unlikely, and unplanned-for failure modes?

– Galry Aristede, Range Safety

Doesn’t that suggest that we should avoid using any safety systems, in order to ensure the availability of simple and predictable failure modes?

– Symel min Argyll, Range Safety

Damned if I know. I think we need a metaphysical consult.

– Galry Aristide, Range Safety

Could this be used as a synthetic luck machine?

– <clicktrillwhistle>, Potential Applications

Please don’t ask that question in front of the scientists.

– Galry Aristede, Range Safety

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