Trope-a-Day: Thicker Than Water

Thicker Than Water: While the Houses (extended family-clans) are an important part of their social structure, the eldrae are really too individualistic to play this one entirely straight; and, well, principles are thicker (see: Honor Before Reason, Principles Zealot).  In practice, most do pay rather more than lip service to the concept of family loyalty, but the families work to make sure that they deserve it rather than just assuming it.  It works out, in the end.


One thought on “Trope-a-Day: Thicker Than Water

  1. I suspect that in some ways increased automation will lead to feudalism. Even if we invent nanoforges I doubt they’ll be cheap for a few generations at least and the people whose jobs were automated and are too old to retrain will be dependent on welfare or relatives who were wealthy enough to afford self-sufficiency.

    The result being something like a family company that consumes most of its own produce and has few employees that aren’t family or machines.

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