Trope-a-Day: Chronoscope

Chronoscope: Not literally possible, but the combination of ubiquitous computer/sensor technology coupled with ridiculously huge amounts of computing power to assemble the evidence into a picture can do a damn good imitation of a past-viewing chronoscope. Doing the same thing with prognostication software is, alas, rather more limited, and becomes extremely unreliable more than a couple of seconds out.

(And with a powerful enough telescope, let’s not forget simply looking into/receiving signals from the past with the able assistance of light-lag.)

9 thoughts on “Trope-a-Day: Chronoscope

    • The blockness of the universe is actually half the reason why it’s considered impossible, coupled with the observer effect.

      Since you can’t observe a particle without interacting with it, the lack of a bunch of otherwise-inexplicable particle interactions (which would have to have already happened, per the block universe) around significant past events, including but not limited to those chunks of space and time specifically set aside for testing such things, is considered a high-probability proof that no-one’s watching from elsewhen.


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