The Autocrator Likes His Quiet

“The Venerable and Veritable Autocrator of Chengál Rock, may his reign last forever, will be accepting petitions from all within the Rock during the first shift for the megapulse following the Rock’s apoapsis, as custom dictates. Please note that immediately following shift-end, all vacuum-qualified citizens of the Rock are required to report to Docks and Locks for mandatory civil labor. All non-vacuum-qualified citizens are required to report to Central Recycling, likewise.”

– system announcement on Chengál Rock public notifications channel

“For new citizens and visitors to the Rock, the ‘mandatory civil labor’ is required because the V. and V. Autocrator has a policy of throwing anyone who demands that he have a policy out of his personal airlock, and traffic control start complaining if no-one cleans up after Petition Fortnight. Be advised.

“And may his reign last forever.”

– anonymous classified advertisement immediately following the above


2 thoughts on “The Autocrator Likes His Quiet

  1. I’m guessing that there’s a semantic difference between demands and requests on which all of this hinges, of course.

    • Not really. The Autocrator is just very much less than fond of people who insist on getting him all up in their business when he doesn’t see any need to be there.

      (And if he does, all you need to do is draw it to his attention.)

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