When Reality Gives You Lemons…

…burn reality’s house down, with the lemons.

Or use them for something creative. The following is an excerpt from a comment seen this morning on Reddit:

Meanwhile, here’s some phrases lifted verbatim from political internet articles from the past few months:

“Poisonous Parade”
“While the Madman Prowls”
“Age of Weaponized Falsehood”
“Smell of Treason”
“Fact-Immune Troglodyte”
“Winds of Shit”
“Tarpit of Never-Ending Pain” (dibs on this as a metal band name)
“God of Chaos”
“Leisure Cemetery”

Are you not entertained?!

My first reaction? Well, okay, that was to roll my eyes so hard that dizziness set in. But my second reaction was that I wasn’t going to need to come up with more starship names for a while. I mean, seriously:

  • CMS Poisonous ParadeErlenmyer-class chemical tanker.
  • CS While the Madman Prowls: either a Raider-class recon destroyer, or an assault frigate used to support special operations, not sure which.
  • CS Weaponized Falsehood: Nighthawk-class cruiser, attached to the Stratarchy of Warrior Philosophy, memetic warfare section.
  • CS Smell of Treason in the Morning: another Nighthawk-class memetic warfare cruiser.
  • CS/IS Fact-Immune Troglodyte: Ironically named memetic countermeasures ship, or yellow journalist’s private transport? You decide.
  • CMS Winds of Shit: bulk organics freighter, unknown class, attached to an ecopoesis corporation.
  • CS Tarpit of Never-Ending Pain: Best. Quicksand-class. Interdictor cruiser. Ever.
  • CS God of Chaos: Zero Day-class information-warfare dreadnought.
  • CMS Leisure Cemetery: Corveé-class cryostatic labor transport.

(Obligatory shout out to @cultureshipname.)


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