TURECH (CYAN STARFIRES) – Panic, uncertainty, and rioting gripped the capital of the Ossoric Nomarchy today after the announcement from the Extranet Security department of Bright Shadow, ICC, that it intended to revoke the certificate authority status of, and thereby all user and device certificates issued by, the Ossoric Data Vizjery. This action comes in response to the reports, issued five hours ago, that the Data Vizjery had retained private-key information for the certificates it issued for monitoring and “national security” purposes.

Rosith 0xEED4221A, Chief Security Officer at Bright Shadow, stated “We regret the necessity of this action, but we have a duty to consider the integrity of the overall extranet security infrastructure. An ISOP certificate is a promise of security, issued over our word. By violating their contractual obligations as a certificate authority, the Data Vizjery has broken that promise to all their customers and those who interacted with them across the extranet – and so has broken our word. And no-one can be permitted to do that without consequence.”

In response to further questioning, ve added that the absolute guarantees expected of a certificate authority were long-standing corporate policy and spelled out explicitly in the CA contract, and further cited the 58th century case of the Isliar Primacy as evidence that the Vizjery could not avoid being aware of the nature of their actions and the consequences of their revelation.

A subsequent announcement from Bright Shadow informing those domiciled in the Nomarchy that the constellation CA would be permitting individual user and device recertification at cost-of-supply, as a temporary emergency measure, and advising the Nomarchy not to interfere with residents seeking such certificates, did little to stem the uncertainty following this decision. Ossoric indices fell an average of 12,432 points on local markets before trading was suspended.

7 thoughts on “Integrity

  1. Yet another policy I could get behind.

    Really, despite a few disagreements with their methods and the logic behind them, overall I probably wouldn’t mind living in the Empire, assuming I could get past the whole “curled up in a corner afraid to do absolutely anything for fear of being killed for accidentally trespassing / killed for being accidentally impolite / rendered brain-dead by my own hands for forgetting a step in the manual” stage.

    • You can hire an AI slapdrone nanny and give it power of attorney and oversight and override control of your network connections, exoself, and body, exactly for the purpose of avoiding such problems.

      • This particular phrasing is the strongest evidence I’ve yet seen of the influence of John C, Wright, but the Golden Age series is excellent inspiration.

        • That they are, and it can indeed by numbered among my inspirations.

          (Shame the brain eater got him. I could have lived with some more books like that quite easily…)

          • Yeah, he’s… gone pretty seriously overboard on the Catholicism. I’ve still been enjoying the Count to a Trillion series, but… he’s gotten sloppier in many ways- circular reasoning about ‘meaning’ and the like.

    • I’d figure your typical Imperial would have the sense to differentiate between “oops, I inadvertently strayed onto your property, mea maxima culpa”, and “I really couldn’t give two fucks more or less about you or your property, you exist as an instrument to my ends and everything else is incidental”.

      Granted, that may be a bit hard to gauge, especially by our standards here where psychopaths are only too happy to hide behind protests of noobishness, but even so…

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