“The associated Sunfire Club is an exclusive society and social club for those who have either triggered in person, or at least endured up-close, the detonation of a nucleonic weapon. While its numbers – still very few – did grow somewhat after the invention of the Greater Immortality, club rules adopted at that time require that the detonation remain within one’s personal continuity; that is to say, that members cannot have been restored afterwards from off-site backup. Only those whose vector stacks survived in readable form and were picked out of the smoldering crater afterwards are eligible for Club membership.”

– Veryn’s Guide to the High Branches, Cant & Sinistra, 6990

11 thoughts on “Exclusivity

  1. This kind of reminds me of an idea I had once for a quasi-fanfic-type-thing about a group of “death enthusiasts” who went out getting themselves killed in horrific ways so that they could post reviews about their experiences about different causes of death on the future-internet.

    • ref “The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect”. One of the main characters invents the sport of getting killed in interesting ways in a world of nearly absolute immortality. And manages to join the very exclusive club of “people who have killed someone else”, by actually managing to kill herself once, demonstrating that the “absolute immortality” of the setting was merely “almost absolute”. Everyone else in the club was a member because they killed someone before immortality was imposed.

  2. I assume that the device in question has to be a weapon because a civilian civil engineering device would shut itself down if there was anyone close enough to potentially be harmed by it.

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