Eschatofer Teaser

“So we’ve all laughed at Imperial warship design, even when it scares the hell out of us. Impressive, yes, but also flying hotels. Everyone down to the janitors gets private cabins. And we snicker at the Flight Commander’s private garden and jacuzzi, and the crew swimming pool, and the bridges dressed in heavy oak and polished brass, complete with leather seats and wet bar. All of that mass and volume they could have spent, we say, putting a few more weapons on it, or a deeper ammunition reserve.”

“And then they build this motherfucker.”

– Admiral Sef Elim Karmos, League of Meridian Navy

2 thoughts on “Eschatofer Teaser

  1. I always said that if I could create a space navy in this universe, one of the big design philosophies would be “comfort, without compromising mission.” Comes from the days when they had a wet navy and submarines. Submarines are scary and since they’re asking their crews to take extra risks beyond operating on the ocean, submarines had the best luxuries you could stuff into the hull. Their subs had the first refrigerators in the Navy, for example (got to store the ice cream!). They also got priority for fresh food and best food during deployment.

    The tradition passed into when they developed a space navy. Not to the degree of the Eldrae, but stick a whole bunch of sophonts in a composite fiber and aluminum can, add the risks of battle or just general space operations, and if they can figure out a way to stuff the best food and morale-boosting items in–while the ship can do the mission without issue–they will.

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