Some Definitions, and a Location

heliobraking (n.): decelerating by making a number of close – i.e., transcoronal – stellar passes, in extreme cases even dipping into the upper boundary layer of the photosphere. While effective, such maneuvers pose hazards both physical, such as irradiation, combustion, or sudden realization of what a bad idea this was, and legal, as there is now someone to whom liability can be attributed both fairly and unfairly for every coronal mass ejection, solar storm, and other stellar hiccup in the near future.

axiomancy (n.), axiomantic (adj.): lit. “the magic of definitions”. Originally an informal term for the manipulations ontotechnologists perform with their reality engines (q.v.), which has been adopted as jargon of the profession.

diproton bomb (n.): theoretical ontopathic weapon functioning by inducing a delta increase in the strong interaction coupling constant, rendering the diproton (2He) stable. Should such a modified region be deployed in a stellar core, the low threshold for initiation will dramatically accelerate hydrogen fusion, upsetting the balance between thermal pressure and gravitic contraction in favor of the former, ultimately resulting in an artificial supernova event.

ISS Additional: See research categorized under BACKFIRE FULMINATION. If you do not have BACKFIRE FULMINATION clearance, please report this IMMEDIATELY to your local internal security officer.

cystal universe (n.): a “subuniverse” created by advanced axiomancy, in which the modified region created by ontotechnological means is incapable of direct interaction with the volumes beyond it. Thus, a topological defect arises at the boundary, resulting in a protected cyst surrounded by a domain wall across which interaction is necessarily limited.

Irreality Vault: A series of linked cystal universes buried beneath the city of Ascension, Resplendent Exponential Vector (Imperial Core), used for primary testing of experimental technology in the fields of ontogenesis, ontopoesis, and ontopathic weapons.

One thought on “Some Definitions, and a Location

  1. There’s a throwaway remark in your original hariven article,

    (The designers would probably have used protium if they could, but that’s too hard to build a cheap-ass drive to run on.)

    which rather implies that your universe already has a means of futzing with diproton stability, though the exact means of how this is done weren’t mentioned and I didn’t pick up on it at the time. I’m assuming* this is done via manipulation of the weak force, rendering it stronger within a small volume to enourage diproton -> deuterium decays. This could of course have a similar effect to your diproton stabiliser weapon, though with the small difference that the reaction products of the weak-enhancer (deuterium) would remain stable once they left the volume of effect, whereas the reaction prodicts of the strong-enhancer (helium-2) would mostly decay violently.

    I like the word ‘ontopathic’, though I’d personally reserve that for things which break reality entirely (eg. false vacuum collapse) rather than rendering long-term survival problematic, but that’s just me.

    my assumptions are based on the fact that W-boson manipulation already seems to be a practical reality (see also, past post on boser weapons) and that muon stabilization is a thing (required by your muonic metals) and muon decay is medicated by W bosons.

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