Death and Gravity

PEVELISK (QUARTER PASSAGE) – Intercepted local transmissions report that the armed patrol monitors around the Pevelisk System’s outermost ice giant, Pevetor, were destroyed today by the battlecruiser LS Brutish and Shot, registered to the Sjark’s Burning Eye mercenary fleet out of Bir-Galk System.

While no formal statement has been issued, it is widely rumored that this action was contracted by Ring Dynamics, their recent warning that the attempts of the ecclesiastical junta currently in control of the Pevelisk System to levy tolls on through traffic making use of Pevetor’s gravity for vector change contravened both contractual and Accord-specified guarantees of freedom of transit having been ignored.

No official body in the Pevelisk System was available for comment.

5 thoughts on “Death and Gravity

    • Not that one so much; the junta has system sovereignty, so they could charge what they like on that basis. It’s that it’s outside the light-watch limit, where you don’t get to exercise “domestic rights of search, seizure, excise, forfeiture, angary, or other such” against through traffic.

      • While we’re talking about the CVA, roughly how big is the ‘immediate territorial space’ that an individual habitat other than a drift has sovereignty over? For that matter, what differentiates a drift-habitat from other habitats? Is it size, location or something else?

        • I believe a ‘drift’ is on an independent orbit around its star (or potentially in interstellar space, though that would make it hard to reach), while a regular habitat orbits a planet or moon or the like.

        • Depends on site and size and how crowded the local orbits are.

          If you’re a twelve-mile-long habitation cylinder, you can claim more than if you’re, say, a six-man workshack.

          (And yeah, a drift is in stellar orbit or otherwise not bound to a particular planet, moon, or planet-moon libration point.)

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