One thought on “The Little Rover That Could

  1. It’s sad, but at the same time the rover isn’t really gone, per se. It’s still there, and it’ll stay there for quite a while. Certainly long enough for us to go dust it off at some point. I have no doubt we’ll get there in time to recover it intact.

    It is a shame though that it probably won’t end up as anything more than a museum piece; I doubt it’s developed any sort of intelligence for us to uplift later on. We might not be quite as eager to reach space, but we did start quite a bit earlier, relative-levels-of-technology wise.

    Though, it does strike me as odd that it took them 400-something years to rediscover the Talentarian. Or that it took 400-something years to invent sophont AI after almost accidentally-inventing it. Maybe I just missed a bit of emphasis on the ‘early’ part of ‘early signs’.


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