Idiot Stick (1)


No Background Check · No Identification · No Questions

No Qualifications Required · No Experience Required · Training Provided
Six-Year Indenture Required · Bonus for Successful Completion

Free transportation and reflux bond provided to Sagiraz (Ull Cluster). Accomodation and sustenance included.
No homestead or residency rights are earned.

Apply Mezgalrás Jaqqár Hiring, at this site.

Responsible Party:

Sagiraz Colonial Column,
Suite 894, Vitry Building,
Third Ring 45°
Conclave Drift

Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for ahd ahd says:

    “Far as I see it, you people been given the shortest end of the stick ever been offered a human soul in this crap-hill 'verse…But you took that end… well, you took it. And that’s… well, I guess that’s something.”

  2. Exactly so!

    (They may also make mud.)

  3. How much unskilled labor is there in terraforming that can’t be performed more easily by mass-produced Roombas with shovels?

  4. None whatsoever. And if you were to hire Blue-Green Ecociates, or another Core Markets ecocorp to do the job, then they will indeed send out a couple of line techs with swarmdozers and such.

    But these are the emerging markets, where they’re short on hard currency. Indentures are cheap. Fancy imported robots aren’t.

  5. It suddenly occurs to me that an immortal wouldn’t charge much for six years of someone’s life.

    Was wondering how that could possibly be cheaper than a cornucopia machine and some millennia-old bot blueprints.

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