Force Not Required

“Always remember: memetics is no more and no less than the science of ideas. Applied memetics, therefore, is no more and no less than advanced persuasion. Memetics cannot impose ways of thought. Memetics alone cannot correct biases, or determine truth, or override the will. And no memetic technology can force someone to believe anything.”

– The Iron Rule of Memetics, Acad. Lí Amarens

“Holy fire-spitting crapsticks, is there anything these morons won’t believe?”

– Alseyn’s Corollary

Notable Replies

  1. I remember you saying that in situations such as these, Eldrae choose to believe in the best in people; the worst thing that could happen in that scenario is that they are let down or betrayed.

    Methinks memeticists must be very very VERY experienced with handling disappointment.

  2. “Sometimes, all you get to choose is who you are going to be disappointed by. Try and not let it be yourself.”

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