A Penny for How

“Thus it is said that an eldrae thinks pacing; a dar-bandal, sniffing; a galari, hovering; a kaeth, fighting; a dar-ííche, floating; a sssc!haaaouú, blowing; a mezuar, standing; an esseli, twitching; a codramaju, merging; a kalatri, sitting; a járaph, of itself; a selyéva, basking; a vlcefc, hanging; a spinbright, watching; an embatil, arguing; a múrast, many times; a seb!nt!at, already; a digisapience, continuously; an azayf, afterwards; and a ulijen, too late.”

– Stereotypes of the Worlds, Imperial University of Almeä Press

3 thoughts on “A Penny for How

  1. I’m curious as to what the kalatri look like. I think you’ve once describe one has having a look of surprise on it’s newly dead face, which implies faces and emotional affect. Right now my mental image is of the Federation expys from “Quentyn Quinn: Space Ranger”.

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