There are those who accuse Mer Vadális Exoarchaeological University of being home to, if not infested with, one of the Starfall Arc’s greatest collections of adventurers, looters, graverobbers, smugglers, treasure-hunters, weirdseekers, and other scoundrels of like nature. It is my honor to assure them that they are understating the case.

Morrí Elarios, 7th Chancellor of the University

Notable Replies

  1. There is a story there… both terrifying and hilarious. And I’d love to see what it is.

  2. Quite a few, really. A lengthy history of making progress by digging up interesting-looking Precursor artifacts doesn’t really lead to the most exquisitely feelings-respectful form of archaeology ever.

    So, when you imagine MVEU, imagine a pointy-eared Indiana Jones yelling “This belongs in a laboratory!”

  3. Avatar for JAPH JAPH says:

    Are Eldrae ears long enough to make human-designed fedoras require customization?

  4. Nope, because I have a particular dislike for those bizarre appendages World of Warcraft popularized.

    (They’re more like you might see in the Lord of the Rings movies, or Dragon Age, or similar. Pointy, but not grossly inflated in size.)

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