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A quick meta-post for those who haven’t already learned this elsewhere –

Inspired by (but not affiliated with in any way) the Twitter account @PicardTips by way of a reader suggestion, helpful life advice from a variety of colorful, mostly-Imperial characters from the Associated Worlds is now available in the Fediverse / on Mastodon by following:

For those of you who don’t have Mastodon, you can always read them directly off that account’s profile here, or add the RSS feed to your reader here. Also, while very short at the moment, a guide to the characters offering individual bits of advice can be found here.

(And remember: if you take advice from anyone named Sargas, you know what you did.)

Notable Replies

  1. The link to the profile appears to be broken, at least for me? Is anyone else having these troubles?

  2. It’s also down for me. It’s reporting as a no DNS error, so our honoured author may be moving servers or may have taken the server down entirely.

  3. Avatar for avatar avatar says:

    That server was one of the ones stolen by the Feds back in June.

    Although, coincidentally, I am working on getting that service up again at a new address. More news when I have news.

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