God’s Bootstraps

Why are there no historical records of the commissioning of the 160th Imperial Legion?

Because it hasn’t been commissioned yet.

There are records of it participating in several battles independently from any Theater Command, or even Core Command.


Without being commissioned?

While cause mostly precedes effect, this is not necessarily the case.

While utterances mostly convey meaning, this is not necessarily the case either.

The “Causal Effectives” will be founded in 11346 as one of the Transcend’s special troubleshooting teams, Anything they do before then is all of important, classified, and unlikely to be understood in its full historical consequence before that date.

What else do we –

Further information is not available in this whenwhere.

– a conversation which never happened

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  1. Just to be clear, knights’-moves transits cannot bring a task-force to a date earlier than Imogen Andracanth’s first successful stargate?

  2. Love that reply about utterances mostly conveying meaning…

    This also means that sometime about 3500 years from now, the Transcend figured out how to send things back in time.

  3. Macroscopic time-travel is already a commonplace occurrence to the present-day Worlds, see here.

  4. But not across long stretches of time.

    Yes, they’re regularly sending messages etc back in time across some relatively short periods, one example was a writer getting a message from some 10-15 days in the future.

    This is talking about sending a full military group back some 4000 years or so, and then taking them back to their starting spacetime.

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