Trope-a-Day: Lost Colony

Lost Colony: Not played straight, for the most part, simply because with the stargate network, virtually every system is visited on at least an infrequent basis (for routine maintenance checks, if nothing else) and/or receives at least basic extranet service, so most colonies would never have a chance to get lost.  Abandoned colonies, hermit colonies, and lost castaways of distinctly sub-colonial size – although even this last are rare – now those, we can do you.

Trope-a-Day: Cult Colony

Cult Colony: Averted initially, because sublight colonization was so ludicrously expensive that “cults” couldn’t possibly have afforded it.  Played straighter once the stargate plexus made it easier to get to new worlds, with a side-note that the failure rate – for which read death rate – of these is particularly high; planetary colonization requires a great deal of scientific acumen, technical skill, and mental flexibility, which are not common qualities attributed to things normally described as cults.  (Just look at how many pioneer colonies failed in Earth’s history – now add that you have an alien ecology to deal with and there’s a good chance that you can’t breathe the air.)

Much the same goes for cult habitats, to – well, a lesser extent on some factors, a greater one on others, but the net effect is much the same.  Most cultists aren’t good with sophisticated technical infrastructure.

Settlers Wanted!

Colonists wanted to settle on Tilain (Innia Rise).  Currently unimproved T-class world, carbon dioxide atmosphere, mean surface temperature 270K.  Partial ecopoesis in progress to mixed D-protein-lipid-D-carbohydrate ecology.

Independent/non-politan colonial corporation; not a freesoil world.  Prospective colonists or colony groups expected to purchase a minimum of one share in the colonial corporation (current price: 5,980 Accord exvals) and provide own transport costs for self and stores delivered ex-ship at Settling Down, Tilain.  Transport to lot provided.

One 5 x 5 mile homestead lot including mineral rights and basic prefab included with single colony-share purchase; further lots are available with additional share purchases.  (All shares are voting.)  Lots selected upon arrival.  Full climatological, soil and mineral surveys available.  Lots selected must be contiguous.  No space in existing urbs available.

Minimum hundred-year commitment.  Spacer certificate required.  Families and possessors of early-colony skillsets preferred.

For more details, contact: Tilain Colonial Corporation, Suite 437, Vitry Building, Third Ring 45°, Conclave Drift.