Trope-a-Day: Higher Tech Species

Higher Tech Species: Lots of them, arguably.  The Imperial member species are this for most, if not all, of the Associated Worlds.  The elder races – which, despite the technical definition based on the information entropy of their communications, in practice means “significantly older than the oldest of the current galactic mainstream” – are this to everybody, although nearly all of them aren’t particularly active any more, and have, for example, retreated into a virtual civilization in their own “Happy Fun Ball” (for which read, the matrioshka brain about eighty light-years to nadir of the Cordai Gap).  And finally, of course, the Precursors, who would be this to everyone except that they’re simply Sufficiently Advanced Aliens.

Trope-a-Day: Dying Race

Dying Race: Generally averted; biotech is pretty good these days, and most of the time, a sophont race that has, for some reason, ended up in this sort of decline can – with much difficulty and investment, or at least charity – have that fixed.  Or at least preserve themselves through some sort of technical intervention.

Only generally averted, though; there are a few minor examples – although, really, most of them are more like the virtual civilization to nadir of the Cordai Gap, and aren’t so much a dying race as a suicidal race, who are pretty much dying out through sheer ennui.  (Or so it is thought via external measurements of computational activity.)

Coming Soon, To an Orbit Near You

The First Distributed Exclavine Republic is seeking to open new franchise-nations in the Expansion Regions, in or adjacent to the Cordai Gap constellation, and is therefore looking for comment, business opportunities, and investment partners among all existing polities, private organizations, and consortia within this region.

Consider the advantages of bringing an FDER drift-habitat to your star system.  FDER takes pride in providing a favorable taxation, banking and contractual regime and fully open markets (qualifying under Alpha Concord Free Economic Zone standard 23.1), access to the highest levels of galactic technology, excellent data and logistics connectivity, easily-obtained residency, and an unconstrained environment for the pursuit of scientific inquiry and technological development (qualifying under Alpha Concord Free Research Zone standard 23.2).

All these things are provided by the Associated Worlds’ leading national franchisor, with an unequalled history of legislative stability (rated 142/144 on the Legal Consistency Index), fiscal stability, and continuous growth, with the full backing of our parent polity.  Since we began operations, we have opened over 1,500 franchises in various regions of the Associated Worlds, virtually all of which have proven outstanding successes both for us, and for our local partners, investors, and clients.

FDER welcomes your inquiries and tenders, which should be directed to:

Eliéra (Imperial Core)
Avenue of Incarnadine Pillars
First Distributed Exclavine Republic
f.a.o. VP of Franchise Extension

Contact us today!