To clarify the ongoing rumors:

It is NOT true that people who kick the floor-cleaning robots in ISA-administered starports tend to have their luggage accidentally rerouted to Geydagan Down, where it is pillaged by a bunch of black-hole cultists, torn apart, used to clean up after ritual sacrifices, and recycled as toilet paper. The floor-cleaning robots are professionals, after all.

It IS true that we let everyone think so, because those sophs who are bothered by the notion more or less deserve to be.

– ISA Planetary Relations, internal update 7216/3, “Overheard…” column

Ain’t No Law

Internal Security Records: Vizjen Down
Passenger Terminal, Section C (Concessions)
hinMeira Mercantile

7126/8/8 (starting 8+36:00)

MÉLIS TARQUELIOS (PORT DIRECTOR): — seems to be the trouble, here?

RYSEK hinMEIRA (CONCESSIONAIRE): I want her out of here! Your security guards refused to —

MÉLIS TARQUELIOS: In good time, Sv. hinMeira. I need to hear a report from my personnel first.

JINTH mor-KARIS (SECURITY): The concession operator called us reporting a trespasser. When we arrived, he — requested us to remove Sv. hilKanar, here, from his store.

RYSEK hinMEIRA: And you refused!

JINTH mor-KARIS: You didn’t give us any grounds to remove her.

RYSEK hinMEIRA: She was trespassing!

JINTH mor-KARIS: So you said, but —

MÉLIS TARQUELIOS: Sv. hinMeira, this is a concession space which you lease specifically for the purpose of providing retail services to our passengers. If you allege she was trespassing, that implies that you had previously banned her from your shop for some particular reason.  What was it?

RYSEK hinMEIRA: Well, look at her!


RYSEK hinMEIRA: She’s a kilpaden.


RYSEK hinMEIRA: We don’t serve her kind here. No —

MÉLIS TARQUELIOS: Do we have that on record?

JINTH mor-KARIS:  Oh, yes.

MENKA hilKANAR (PAX): Please, I — I don’t want to cause any trouble.

MÉLIS TARQUELIOS: I do apologize, Sv. hilKanar, on behalf of both Vizjen Down and the Imperial Starport Authority, for this unfortunate incident. Please accept my assurances that this is not the policy of ISA, and if you will accompany my assistant here for a moment, all further purchases you desire to make during your layover here will be covered by ISA, by way of further apology and repayment.

As for you, hinMeira, get the hell out of my starport.

RYSEK hinMEIRA: What? You can’t do —


RYSEK hinMEIRA: I’m allowed to refuse service to anyone! Your law requires that.  So you —

MÉLIS TARQUELIOS: It does. You have that legal right in your own name. Your lease, on the other hand, says in paragraph 31, section c, that while you retain that general privilege you will – as concessionaire and leaseholder working for and within Vizjen Down – specifically not refuse service to anyone on the basis of externally-attributed group membership, as is standard for ISA contract-starports on planets known for their bigoted kveth-lakhras. You just — play that back?

RYSEK hinMEIRA (recording): We don’t serve her kind here.

MÉLIS TARQUELIOS: Her kind. Your own words. It is therefore my distinct pleasure to inform you that you are in default, your lease is null and void, your concession contract is terminated, and you, personally, will vacate my starport with all speed. Is that clear?

RYSEK hinMEIRA: I’ll see you pay for this! I have friends —

MÉLIS TARQUELIOS: Jinth, did that sound like a threat to you?

JINTH mor-KARIS:  I would say that sounded like a threat.

MÉLIS TARQUELIOS: Then throw him out of the starport.

JINTH mor-KARIS:  Consider it done. Ah — throw him, or throw him?

MÉLIS TARQUELIOS: Use your discretion.