Around the Worlds on ¤1,000 per Sol

If you recall my mention of a first commercial sale

Here it is! (direct link)

But don’t just chase the direct link.  It’s part of “Miscellanea: a transdimensional library” at Eggplant Literary Productions, so do take a browse through the index of everyone else’s writing while you’re at it.

(I guess I can put “Professional liar for money” on my business cards, now?)

Miscellanea: a transdimensional library

It must be a good writing day; I’ve just polished up another piece for submission to “Miscellanea: a transdimensional library“, a collection of excepts from fictional/unwritten books being assembled by Eggplant Literary Productions.  Very much my cup of tea, I think, as I’ve always been particularly fond of metafiction as a genre; well, metagenre, actually, I suppose.

Fingers crossed, anyway.  I’ve got a few more ideas germinating that could probably end up there, too.