Trope-a-Day: Powers As Programs

Powers As Programs: With the availability of mnemonesis to download knowledge and skillsets into your brain, gnostic overlays to do the same thing for professional personalities, and the ability to download recipes for your portable nanolathe or desktop nanoforge to build you the tools to use them…

…yeah, this is pretty much the way it works.  Although those powers which require genetic changes, large tools, exotic materials, or significant ‘shell modification are somewhat more difficult to achieve.

But see also Skilled, but Naïve, when we get there.

Trope-a-Day: Hammerspace

Hammerspace: While there is no actual Hammerspace technology – yet, the ontotechs are still working on it (see: Bigger on the Inside) – the ability of the ubiquitous desktop nanoforge and the hand-held nanolathe to produce small objects essentially on demand does create much of the same effect as being able to stash them Elsewhere.  The recipes, of course, being software, take up practically no room.